21th Virtual International Training Course
on Management of Malaria

21 August 2023

About Malaria
Training Course

     This course is organized jointly by the faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University,Bangkok, Thailand, and the World Health Organization Regional Office for South-EastAsia Region, New Delhi, India, This  training includes online multimedia presentation, virtual laboratory demonstration, online case discussion and experience sharing sessions between experts from the Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University as a WHOCC for Case Management, Training and Research on Malaria and participants which will be comprise of Medical Doctors, Nurses and Public Health Personnel from all around the world.

Assoc. Prof. Weerapong Phumratanaprapin

Dean, Faculty of Tropical Medicine 

What will you acheive ?

Explain the management of
uncomplicated and severe
in different settings.

Describe the clinical and laboratory
diagnosis of uncomplicated and
severe malaria.

Define anti-malaria drug resistance
and the methods to contain it.

Explain the importance of case
management and vector control
in eliminating malaria.

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Previous Course

Virtual training on malaria vector surveillance: the guidance
for control and elimination, 1-3 march 2023 Faculty of Tropical Medicine

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